Really There Is Nothing To Say, History Surrounds Us

Katye Kisile
December 26, 2020


The nature of infinity is not intension. For, as is said (op. cit., p. 43), and as should be obvious in any metaphysical system, an action is either in the present, in the past, or in the future. Therefore, an action which takes place in the future, and as, for example, this one does, is infinite in that its time-being is not determined. For it is not made up of present acts of human beings, nor of actions of any non-human beings (indeed, since it occurs only by way of conditioning our present action), nor of acts of


The surface is mostly dead, just steep jagged mountain faces and vast plains.

To call it a kind of indifference, we need to distinguish between the character of the degree of infinity, and the character of the absence of a reality or condition. For the absence of a reality condition to be an attribute of infinity, it would have to be indifference.

Really there is nothing to say, history surrounds us and still today, living people talk of what happened. I feel no need to delve into it, to tell you about any of it. What I'm saying is that I don't need to delve into it, for it is part of me. At times, we've looked at things that we thought were tragic, and there was nothing more tragic than a frozen cow. At other times, we've felt the pain and loss in the loss of a parent, or loved one. There has always been pain and loss. Sometimes, it's not a man, but I understand there is sorrow in